High quality production of paints, plasters and primers

Marmofix We produce with high technology products, make sure that materials such as architectural paints, mineral and organic plasters, primers, as well as other specialized products, with a high capacity that fulfills the needs of the domestic and the abroad market. We provide high quality, environmentally-friendly products, in accord with latest production and quality standards. Our team of dedicated professionals that constantly work to ensure high quality products, as well as together with the feedback of our customers, work on creating new and optimized products. Our purpose is to provide customer satisfaction, and for this purpose our team is available to offer technical assistance at any point, for professionals and likewise for individuals.


PLASTERS: A range of high quality decorative plasters that vary in grain size, coating structure, and resin composition. These products also provide protection of the surface and are charakterized for their excellent workability. MARMOFIX plasters have beautiful structures, based on acrylic emulsions, available for interior and exterior surfaces. Available in different grain sizes for every needs.

PAINTS: The range of paints from Marmofix consists of paints for decoration and protection of interior and exterior (façade) surfaces. The products are noted for their:

- Ease of use

- Excellent hiding power

- Scrub resistance

- Exquisite whiteness

- Water vapor permeability

PRIMERS: Primers play an important part in the coating process since they promote adhesion to the surface. MARMOFIX primers range consists of products aimed for use before the application of paints or plasters. MARMOFIX Haftbrücke HB-350 is a primer used on smooth surfaces such as concrete to provide better adhesion for plasters. MARMOFIX Voranstrich VA-150 Grund is a primer intended for use before the application of decorative plasters and façade paints, in normally absorbing surfaces. MARMOFIX Tiefgrund TG-130 is used for the impregnation of various mineral substrates like gypsum plasterboards, concrete, and other mineral substrates.